About G51

Our mission is to enable human prosperity by educating over the entrepreneurial mindset.

At G51 we believe there’s a certain mindset that primes people for prosperity, namely the entrepreneurial mindset: The self-starters, and the self-managers, the problem-solvers, and the solution-scalers. So we set out to democratize entrepreneurship through engaging education that caters to today’s tech-centric learners.

Developed by Venture Capitalists, Fortune 500 Executives & Serial Entrepreneurs, G51 EDU is an education-based video publishing company focusing on entrepreneurial education in the U.S.

We provide engaging and interactive videos for visionary professors looking to enhance their teaching approach. We understand that integrating new tech and classroom resources can be cumbersome, so we produced our content with ready-to-use convenience for our professors.

Our ready-to-use bundles of original video case studies, lecture slides, discussion topics, lesson plans, and quiz banks are engineered to demystify the entrepreneurial mindset essential for real-world career readiness.

Our History

What started in 1996 as a boutique venture firm, connected us with amazing entrepreneurs, venture funds, enterprise venture groups and acquisition teams, angels, incubators, universities and family offices. In 2001, we started building a university MBA network to help students learn about private equity.

Then, beginning in 2015, we began leveraging our 18 years of VC networks and 14 years of university programming to launch a new research business called G51 Amplify. This research helps our clients connect to interesting and strategic businesses, people and technology.

Although our partners and extended team continue to participate in direct investing, we are not raising a new venture fund. Rather, we are leveraging the assets of our collective network, expertise and wisdom to connect student preparation with opportunity, thus leading to the formation of G51 EDU.

With the creation and expansion of G51 EDU, our mission is to help people prosper, which we believe can be done through developing an entrepreneurial mindset. We know visionary educators are key to our mission. As such, we produce 6-9 minute case studies covering current startup companies that effortlessly integrate into lesson plans. The accompaniment of lecture slides, case studies, quiz banks, and discussion topics – expertly crafted by our team – helps make our vision possible. You make it a reality.

  • 1996


    G51 Capital Management

    G51 Capital began investing in early stage technology companies, and syndicated their first deal with John Doerr at Kleiner Perkins.

  • 2001

    G51 Venture Scholars Program

    G51 Venture Scholars Program began in conjunction with The University of Texas at Austin’s MBA Program.



  • 2016


    G51 EDU

    G51 EDU started with the mission to help undergraduate students learn about entrepreneurship.