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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

6 Tenets of Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

This case is designed as a resource to bridge the gap between knowledge and real-world application; in an effort to provide students with experiential learning. Additionally, G51 EDU’s cases are developed to encourage higher order thinking through an emphasis on application, analysis, evaluation, and creation.

Designed for use in undergraduate and graduate business courses, this series of lessons will highlight six tenets of new venture creation, the problem, solution, market, business model, team, and competition.

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    G51 EDU

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    3-6 weeks

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Knowing the pace and breadth of innovation is increasing, we enable our clients to change with the times with a sense of confidence. We help you see many possibilities, mindful of lessons learned.

What started in 1996 as a boutique venture firm, connected us with amazing entrepreneurs, venture funds, enterprise venture groups and acquisition teams, angels, incubators, universities and family offices. In 2001, we started building a university MBA network to help students learn about private equity.

Starting in 2015, we are leveraging our 18 years of VC networks and 14 years of university programming to launch a new research business called G51 Amplify. We help our clients connect to interesting and strategic businesses, people and technology.

We are not raising a new venture fund but rather leveraging the assets of our combined client base to connect preparation with opportunity. Our partners and extended team continue to participate in direct investing.

The goal over the next 15 years is to impact the creation of 1 million jobs by matching wants and needs. Our practice of  “Pay-It-Forward” and nurturing our career-long networks make it possible.