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Organizing for Entrepreneurial Effectiveness

DYNM 638

Course Description

Entrepreneurship has become a popular aspiration for many individuals in the United States and around the world. In fact, a recent survey by the UK Trade & Investment confirmed that roughly 1 in 3 individuals under the age of 34 have expressed a desire to form their own new venture within the next five years. This represents a marked increase in aspirational levels over the past two decades. Although not all new ventures are entrepreneurial in nature, the motivation for starting a new venture is ultimately rooted in a desire to change one’s professional and/or personal circumstances. Most individuals never achieve this objective because they fail to take the first step in organizing their entrepreneurial aspirations into an effective plan.

This course is designed for mid-career professionals who aspire to either form an independent new venture (i.e. entrepreneurial venture) or lead the creation of a new venture within their existing organization (i.e. intrapreneurial venture). Participants in this new course will: (1) learn the internal and external motivation forces that drive individuals in general and themselves in particular; (2) become familiar with the general competencies and skills needed for a new venture to be effective; (3) understand the unique needs associated with creating a balanced team for the new venture; (4) cover the practical aspects of developing an effective new venture; and (5) prepare a formal executive summary designed to marshal the necessary resources to support the new venture. The course will culminate with each student preparing a formal executive summary and professional presentation to support the creation of a new venture in a new or existing organization.

Course Overview

  • University

    University of Pennsylvania

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    Robert Knorr

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    16 weeks

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