What We Learned From 100+ Presentations of Startups

Pitches from AirBnB and Tinder to Uber and YouTube across various rounds of funding
Author: Ilya Galushin on Medium

  1. According to our sample, the most common category of startups is service delivery.
  2. More than 2/3 of startups continue to work, technology and analytics companies are the most successful of them.
  3. The seed round is the most important for the stable development of a startup.
  4. The average amount of attracted investments of one pitch slide is $477,000 and almost every tenth startup has attracted more than $1 million per slide.
  5. The number of slides in a pitch deck is highest in the initial rounds.
  6. Several semantic blocks that were always present in the pitches of startups that IPO’d were absent in the presentations of the least successful companies (i.e., those who shut down). These terms are mentioned in the following point.
  7. All sample pitch decks of the startups that were listed on the stock exchange described the market, the target audience, and the uniqueness of the product.