Teaching Strategic Management with G51EDU Cases

Dr. Lynette Gillis, Associate Provost at Concordia University Texas (CTX) and previous dean of their college of business teamed up with Kristin Spindler to teach Strategic Management this past spring. Spindler originally came from a background in finance and investing but as an entrepreneur and current director of the IncubatorCTX, her passion to enhance entrepreneurial knowledge and skills added a layer of experiential, deep learning for students taking her course.

In the Strategic Management course, Gillis and Spindler used G51EDU video-based case studies primarily for two class projects where their 30 students had to analyze the G51EDU cases based on the problem, solution, market, business model, competitive advantage and team. Lastly, the student teams had to make a recommendation as to whether they would invest in the company or not. Thanks to the flexibility of G51 video cases, Spindler was easily able to tie the new content into her existing lesson plan; as part of their analysis, they also had to tie in the theories and tools covered in the Strategic Management course.

“It was great to supplement our study of strategic management with G51EDU case studies that were current, relevant and that covered local Austin companies. Having the G51EDU team open to working with us on fine-tuning the presentation of these case studies in my class was also valuable.”

Students benefitted from the G51EDU methodology and discipline of analyzing a company. They also enjoyed learning from case studies that profiled local Austin companies and, in some instances, allowed students to talk with founders about their entrepreneurial journey. While many students had presented before, most students had not pitched in this format or on a timed basis. With feedback from the pitches, the students’ improvement from the project 1 presentation to the final presentation was impressive. Spindler adds,

“I would recommend G51EDU case studies to students learning about entrepreneurship as well as to colleges and universities wanting to enhance their business programs with up-to-date examples of entrepreneurs growing their businesses.”

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Teaching with a Textbook

In this course, professors Spindler and Gillis used G51 EDU video cases in conjunction with the textbook Strategic Management by Frank T. Rothaermel.

More specifically, in order to understand strategy in M&A, the video case OpenLabs was watched along with the literature in Chapter 9 Corporate Strategy: Strategic Alliances and Mergers and Acquisitions from their Strategic Management textbook.

Dr. Lynette Gillis
Kristin Spindler
Spring 2019

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