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Accelerated Ventures

ENT 4321

Course Overview

Phases: The composition of course assignments and activities will follow 5 phases:

1. Foundational: Identification of entrepreneurial motivations & competencies

2. Ideation: Identifying and validating solutions to problems

3. Planning: Analyzing the market and building viable business models

4. Execution: Building a balanced team and understanding the competitive landscape

5. Exit: Developing valuation strategies and exit options


The course is designed to achieve the objectives listed below.

Specific Skills and Knowledge:

• Identify and differentiate between existing problems and new market opportunities.

• Identify characteristics of a customer problem and composing a problem statement.

• Identify and distinguish between key characteristics of a solution.

• Identify key market sizing metrics and calculate market growth.

• Identify key characteristics of market opportunities.

• Define and identify key components of a business model.

• Identify key personality traits and key elements of successful new venture team.

• Identify and differentiate between different types of competition.

• Develop a competitive matrix and quadrants

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    Robert J. Knorr

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Robert J. Knorr

Robert J. Knorr, is a Drexel alumnus (BS ’83) with over 30 years of diversified experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and early stage investor. Over the past decade, Mr. Knorr has served as the lead investor/advisor in more than 12 new life science ventures. During his career, Mr. Knorr founded more than 10 new business ventures in both corporate and independent settings; including one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies, Tapestry Medical Inc.

After Tapestry Medical was acquired by Alere (NYSE: ALR), and later by Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), Mr. Knorr redirected his attention to the field of higher education. He is currently affiliated with three of the nation’s top schools for entrepreneurial education including: 1) Baylor University where he serves as Entrepreneur in Residence and a Board Member of Baylor Angel Netwok (BAN), 2) University of Pennsylvania where he teaches a graduate-level course in entrepreneurship, and 3) Drexel University, where he has recently joined the Advisory Board at the Close School for Entrepreneurship. After receiving his undergraduate degree at Drexel, Mr. Knorr also attended Fairleigh-Dickinson University (MBA) and The Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania where he also received two graduate degrees (MS, MPhil).

Mr. Knorr is joined by Gilbert Reynolds a graduate of Baylor University (BS ‘012) who also received his MBA in entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business. Mr. Reynolds is also a serial entrepreneur and has served as the director of Baylor University’s New Venture Competition (NVC), one of the most prestigious university-based business plan competitions in the United States. Over the past seven years, Messrs. Reynolds and Knorr have worked together in several higher education activities including Baylor’s Angel Network and New Venture Competition, and co-teaching at Baylor and U Penn.