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Entrepreneurship Capstone

BADM 3354

BADM 3354 Course Description

This course helps students interested in entrepreneurship develop the following skill sets:

  1. Develop critical thinking skills and self-efficacy to strategically analyze companies and conduct due diligence.
  2. Practice presenting analysis confidently and concisely; and
  3. Understand how companies obtain funding and apply this understanding to real-life startup pitches.
  4. Listen and learn from entrepreneurs/guest speakers who share their stories.

This course is experiential in nature with background reading, reflection assignments, and group projects.   Throughout, there will be guest speakers sharing their entrepreneurial journeys.  Students will also have the opportunity to judge real entrepreneurs’ pitches to evaluate their startups.  Students will get practice presenting their ideas and making recommendations.

  • University

    Concordia University Texas

  • Professors

    Kristin Spindler

  • Time

    16 weeks

  • Lessons


  • Topics


A message from G51EDU


Kristin Spindler

Kristin is the Director of Concordia University’s IncubatorCTX for Innovation and Impact and faculty member in the College of Business and Communication.  In her role, she helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses to succeed and teaches students about business and entrepreneurship.  She is as a Board Member and active investor of the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN), one of the most active angel investing networks in the U.S. with over $100 million invested.

Kristin leveraged her background in international banking, entrepreneurship, and project management to grow her own real estate development company from a startup into a $10 million business.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Kristin was a Vice President and Credit Officer at Citigroup, New York.  She holds a BA from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.