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Case Study: Glint

For the 1st time you can save, exchange and spend gold in any amount

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We Wanted To Make Money Fairer

We felt it was unfair that money is prone to depreciate in ways we have no control over. We believe the readymade solution had existed for millennia, it just hadn’t caught up with modern life – that solution is gold.

Gold – Now In Electronic Payments

So, we built Glint to reintroduce gold as money, for the first time ever as a global currency that can be spent real-time at the electronic point of sale.

Fair Pricing

Banks, forex companies, gold dealers and money transfer bureaus often hide a mark-up in their exchange rate of between 3% and 8%. Glint has transparent and fair pricing. Glint provides the best available market rates with no added Glint margin.

Independent And Reliable Money

Gold is the most reliable form of money. Independent and incorruptible, its value is recognised everywhere. Stored in vaults all over the world, it has been inaccessible. Until now.

Safe And Secure

Your money is safeguarded in segregated client accounts and your physical gold is held in one of the largest, most secure, independent and insured vaults in Switzerland. This means that, regardless of what happens to Glint and our partners, your gold remains wholly owned by you, in your name.

More Control And Choice

To give you more control over your money and help manage it in ways that genuinely work for you, the Glint account, smartphone app and Mastercard® allow anyone to store, exchange, send and spend local and foreign currencies, including for the first-time physical gold – the most universally trusted form of money. By making gold more liquid and technologically accessible than ever, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to prosper.

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